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                Powered Roof Support
                Crushers are designed to crush lump coal and oversiz…
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                Armored Face Conveyors
                Crushers are designed to crush lump coal and oversiz…
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                Crushers & Boot ends
                Crushers are designed to crush lump coal and oversiz…
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                COMPANY PROFILE
                Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd (Hereafter referred to as ‘ZMJ’) was established in 1958. After over half a century’s development, ZMJ has become the largest company in the world in respect of R&D and manufacturing powered roof support used for fully mechanized coal mining. ZMJ is also the sole company listed both in Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchange in China’s coal mining machinery industry...
                GLOBAL SALES NETWORK
                ZMJ has an annual output of 30000 frame in coal mining equipment production capacity, products all over the country in major coal group, has exported to Russia, the United States, Australia, Turkey, India, Vietnam and other countries, enjoy the "first brand" reputation China coal machine industry.